Hi! I’m Mary Sanders. Capital M, Capital S. Yes, Mary Sanders is my first name. Yes, I do have a last name, and no, again, it’s not Sanders. Everyone from my hometown will understand this, but having spent most of my adult life in Washington, D.C. this is a pretty standard introduction.

A designer by trade and a good southern girl at heart, I have created my own design blog. Having recently rediscovered my love for estate sales, flea markets, and eBay, and only having so much room in my 11′ wide row house, I have decided to share many of these finds with you. Also note that I am by no means an antique expert or collector. To be honest, as long as I think it’s pretty, I could care less how much it’s worth. I have a great appreciation for Historic Restoration, but I’m much more of an Adaptive Reuse designer myself. Give me an abandoned warehouse or a 19th century southern mansion, and I’m going to pick the warehouse every time.

A girl who wears cowboy boots with her pearls and lace with her t-shirts, my style may not be yours, but hopefully, I’ll inspire you to do some hunting on your own.

Thanks for dropping in!


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