Sneak Preview (and I’m a slacker, I know)

But the last month has been absolutely insane at the house.  I knew not to commit to posts on certain days because, yes, here it’s been a month and there’s been nothing from me.  To wrap up, we’ve basically rebuilt the entire front end of Matthew’s 1990 Landcruiser, and when I say we, I mean that I’ve handed tools and tightened some bolts, but despite what he jokes at the auto shop, he is definitely the brains of the operation.

We also got Bops & Nathan married off in an absolutely beautiful ceremony in Charleston – Thank you Summer for all of the photos that I have stolen via Facebook.

She did a fantastic job with the design.

And Matthew and I actually got to attend a wedding together for the first time in almost four years.

I’ve also been busy getting ready for Halloween (my absolutely favorite time of year). Here is a quick sneak peak of my back yard/graveyard.  There will be more to follow once the entire thing is set up for Halloween night.  Watch out trick-or-treaters!

The tombstones were made from polystyrene insulation & a jigsaw.  One 4×8 sheet makes at least four standard size tombstones – and at $15 a sheet, that’s quite a bargain.  Buy small tombstones at Michaels or Target, and you’ll be paying close to $20 each.  

I did cheat and buy the Cemetery sign, but I haven’t quite perfected my carving skills, and it was only $2.00.  The ghosts were made from Styrofoam skulls that I found at a craft store.  I used a coat hanger to make the shoulders and cheese cloth for the body.  I also used some of my leftover coffee to age the look of the fabric.

Mr. Bones!  I bought a skeleton that was meant to go into the ground and took apart his limbs.  The wheelbarrow was actually upcycled (possibly stolen) from a garbage heap on Capitol Hill.  

And the aftermath of my crafting experience.  They probably should have named a hurricane after me instead of my mother.