Goodbye Summer…sigh.

Anyone who has talked to me in the last 4 months knows that I am absolutely in love with having a yard.  This summer we’ve produced tomatoes, bell, cayenne & habanero peppers, and a great herb garden.  Since it’s probably our last month of really being able to enjoy being outside, I thought that I would highlight some of my scavenged outdoor items.

First, our table.

Five or six years ago a good family friend was tearing down an old barn.  Inside the old barn were stacks and stacks of old doors from their original house.  Those doors went into my poor parents’ storage room, and I pull them out whenever I have a project.  They’ve been used as a desk, a dining table, and now an outdoor table.  Pair these with aluminum saw horses from Home Depot, and you are good to go.

Second, the lights.  I’m a sales rep, so sometimes I get large shipments of boxes to be distributed to clients.  One came on a pallet, I took some steel wire, a drill, and mason jars, and created this great outdoor light with citronella candles.  ***Note: It’s heavy as lead, so the only option is basically bolting it to the fence.***

Third, our outdoor dining table.

This was a great Craigslist find for $30.  This amazing Italian architect was downsizing, and she was getting rid of a ton of furniture.  This little french dining set was on her list to go, so I snagged it up.  Unfortunately because of the ridiculous mosquito infestation of DC, we haven’t been able to use it too much.  I’ve considered buying a used mosquito fogging truck from New Orleans, driving it up here, and donating it to the District.

And fourth, what’s the point of having a garden if you don’t know what you are growing?

I bought a random mix of old silverware on Ebay and used these as garden markers for my plants.  The inspiration came from these guys at Anthropologie, but at $9+ dollars per marker and only having 3 options, I felt I could do better.

And finally, the guy who watches over the yard and keeps the squirrels at bay…

Mr. Oliver.  Ferocious, isn’t he?


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