Home of a Who Dat

Having grown up in Mississippi and lived in New Orleans during our Super Bowl season, you can say I’m a pretty big Saints fan.  In general I love all things football – fall weather, outdoor tailgating, cheering in the dome, and beer & chicken wings at your local bar.

As I’m writing this I’m sporting my Storyville classic Fleur de Lis tee at my local DC coffee shop.  If you are a tee shirt and pencil skirt girl such as myself, Storyville is a great source for all sorts of fun and quirky shirts.  Where else can you find your very own red beans & rice or Brad Pitt for Mayor tee?

Anywhoo, back to the task at hand.  This week I decided to kick off football season right by designing my own little football den with quirky vintage Saints memorabilia and cozy seats to snuggle into for kick off.  I love the dark walls that are shown in this image.  You can also add wooden picture frame mouldings and cover with a flat, dark latex paint to create a plaster effect.

Restoration Hardware does a fantastic job with their leather furniture and other than their recent love for extremely over-scaled objects, they get it right about 95% of the time.  This is a great image to use as inspiration for furniture suitable for any football fan.

Combine all of this with a bit of that Danish modern flair shown here.

And you get a room fit for any Saints fan – well, at least this Saints fan.

1.  Obviously you need a place for your TV, and this Danish modern secretary makes a great home for it.  Remove the two shelves and let your TV sit inside this area.  At $1450 it makes a perfect modified entertainment center.

2 & 3.  Vintage football memorabilia is so much more fun than a huge poster of Drew Brees (no offense Drew).  Check out these few options here, here, and here that you can cluster on a blank wall.

4.  The main event.  The sofa.  This cushy tufted leather sofa is a great place to curl up for kick off.  It’s not inexpensive but definitely worth it, and you know how I feel about Make An Offer options.  I think leather is always a good choice as it will take the wear of me jumping up and down screaming at the TV.  $5900

5.  These are a bit overused, but I still love the vintage carts as coffee tables.  Here’s a great option with fun stenciling on the side.  It’s a great place for you to serve your beer cheese dip and homemade chicken wings.  Unhealthy, yes I know.  $725

6.  Antique Persian Rugs are my favorite.  If it was up to me I would have these in every room of my house.  They go with every design style and warm up any room.  This little guy is from the same dealer where I got my rug, and I had a good experience.  It was a great price and they were very easy to deal with.  5×8 for $447.

7.  I don’t know if the stripe reminds me of rugby or what, but I thought this lounge chair was a perfect fit.  From the Danish Mafia bids start for this guy at $795.

8.  And finally to contrast with the simple lines of the chair, this little vintage pub table provides a great little resting place for your half-time cocktail.  $499 from Etsy.

For a few more vintage pieces, check out these options.  The bobblehead doll and recent Saints victory are probably self explanatory, but the center option is this Saints medallion from 1970 framed intaglio style.  How cute is that?  I don’t know any wife that would complain about that type of football art.

7 1/2 hours until kick off.  You better get to shopping!  Who Dat!


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